5.2 Policy

5.2.1 Top management proves that they can establish, implement and maintain a quality policy that covers all
aspects ensuring it is relevant to statutory, regulatory, customer and company requirements.

• Providing a framework that has been discussed, agreed, communicated and is reviewed to ensure consistency and continual improvement where necessary.
• Ensuring that all relevant stages of the process are documented and reviewed.
• Ensuring that relevant stages are included in training to ensure conformity and consistency.
• Ensuring that any required changes are discussed, implemented and reviewed to ensure conformity to the integrity of the QMS and procedures.


Issued by:

This is to certify that:
BB Plastics Ltd.
Lowlands Road,
Mirfield, West Yorkshire,
WF14 8LY
United Kingdom

Has been assessed and approved as meeting the requirements of:
BS EN ISO 9001: 2015

For the scope:
Supply, final test and inspection of re-useable plastic capacity serving measures.

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