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It's Nearly Festival Season

With the great news of music festivals back on this summer, now is the time get your drinkware orders in before stock gets snapped up!
The BBP Marketing In2Stax range is designed with large events in mind. Each glass stacks inside each other, taking up less bar space and making it easy to carry empties to your wash facilities, then back to the bar for a refill.
Take a look at our newly released 22oz Oversized Pint. Made from environmentally friendly polycarbonate, this cup has a thin wall section (to keep costs down) but is still virtually unbreakable. Virtually unbreakable means almost infinitely reusable so no single use vessels littering the ground or filling the bins.
And remember, all of BBP’s products are 100% recyclable.

Hurricanes and Margarita now available.

Summer calls for cocktails.... BBP has got you covered!
New to the range are two styes of 13oz Hurricane cocktail glasses; plain and crystal.
We are also excited to announce the release of the 12oz Margarita too.
Made from environmentally friendly and unbreakable polycarbonte - in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

2 pint tulip with new sealable lid

Our popular Elite 2 Pint Tulip is now available with a sealable lid.

Send it if you can't serve it....

The sealable lid has been designed to cater for the recent rise of the takeaway service. Providing a snug fit onto the rim of glass, ensures all the conents of the 2 Pint tulip are kept intact during transit.
Available in CE (2 pint to brim), or non-stamped (NS), in stock now and ready to dispatch.

Patient Water Jug now available

Patient Water Jugs and stackable tumblers now available. In stock and ready to dispatch.

The jug and tumblers are manufactured from environmentally friendly, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate - we recommend a minimum use of 1000 cycles. At the end of their life, they are 100% recyclable too.
- The 750ml jug comes in boxes of 6 and is available with a choice of coloured lids; blue, red, green, orange, and white.
- The 9oz Rocks in2stax comes in boxes of 48. Available in blue or clear.
- The 10oz Hiball also comes in boxes of 48 and is available in blue or clear.
Please get in touch for additional information.

Coronavirus Update

Following the latest Government guidelines on the coronavirus (covid-19), the BBP Marketing office will be closed for general enquiries from today at 5pm.
Emails will be monitored remotely, if you have an urgent enquiry please email
Orders will be acknowledged and held until the factory is reopened.
Priority orders for the NHS and medical sector, including care homes, may be processed during this shut down period.

Our thoughts go out to everyone in these uncertain times and we hope you and your families remain safe and well.

Best wishes,
The Team at BBP Marketing LTD

Corona Virus

BBP Marketing Ltd. are following the government guidelines in response to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak. These government guidelines may change according to any further developments.
Our business will continue to operate as usual unless there are changes which obstruct us to do so.
All employees have been informed of the current legislation to adhere to in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Dinner plates with stacking rings and cover.

BBP are expanding our catering range, starting off with a 10.5” plate, vented stacking rings and vented cover.
Each item is manufactured from environmentally friendly, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.
The plates are designed to sit in a hot cupboard keeping prepared food warm.
The stacking rings and cover are vented to prevent condensation building up.
Everything is boxed in twelve, in stock now and ready to dispatch.

Polycarbonate Chef’s Pinch Bowls

The pinch bowls are available in four different sizes: 2.5”, 3”, 4” and 5”. All are microwave safe and food warmer safe.
Each size is sold in a box of 48 products, but sleeved into stacks of 12, making for a better number for retails sales.
Being made from polycarbonate, the pinch bowls are of course; virtually unbreakable. This is particularly important in commercial kitchens where a glass breakage could end up scattering hazardous shards into food.
As well as being useful for food prep, pinch bowls are suitable for restaurants tables to hold sauces and dips.
We have also found customers ordering the smaller 2.5” bowls which are popular in care homes for dispensing tablet. This is a more environmentally friendly approach than using the single use paper containers.

Each size is in stock and ready to order!


Time for a coffee break?

BBP are proud to announce the release of the new 12oz and 16oz hot drinks mug.
Both sizes are available in unbreakable and environmentally friendly polycarbonate.
The elite material is also a fantastic insulator. This means that the hot contents of the vessel are not uncomfortably transmitted to the outside the mug, so all that heat is kept in, making sure your drink stays warmer for longer.
We have plenty of both sizes and colours in stock, ready for dispatch.

The Catalogue is here!

The BBP Marketing catalogue has arrived fresh from the printers!

Please get in touch if you would like copies.

The new 90mm Fluted Pot

Here at BBP Marketing, we are expanding our selection of catering products.The first is a new product for the reusable Econ range. Please welcome the new Econ 90mm Fluted pot.We have had a number of customers asking for a suitably smaller vessel for condiments or even assorted nuts. As always – you ask, we deliver.
The 90mm Fluted pot has an integrated stacking ring to for added convenience when surface space is at a premium.

Next up, Chef bowls...


Reusable is the future
The global war on single use plastic is no secret. We all need to act to help, improve and maintain the environment. Being less wasteful and more efficient is a good start.

Both our Econ Polystyrene and Elite Polycarbonate ranges are 100% reusable.
When they eventually come to the end of their very long life, they are ground into pellets and remanufactured into further goods within other industries. This makes all of our products 100% recyclable.
Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable so tends to last for years because it doesn't smash when dropped, unlike glass. This is great from a health and safety point of view, a product longevity point of view and a green point of view. Broken glass generally goes in the bin, then onto landfill which is detrimental to the environment.
Plastic, if used in the correct manner can be very environmentally friendly.

Silver and Gold

After receiving such positive feedback for the Silver and Gold Premium Champagne Flutes, we had no option but to introduce the colours to a few more styles of our Elite Polycarbonate drinkware range
Now available in the 25ml Remedy Shot, 9oz Remedy, 12oz Remedy, 9oz Wine and finally the 7oz Martini.
All glasses are in stock and ready for dispatch.

The Bavarian Tankard

New for 2018, the team at BBP Marketing are proud to announce the release of a new Premium product – The Bavarian Tankard.

After many of our customers requested a handled beer vessel, we came up with the goods.
Manufactured from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate here in the UK using the latest and most efficient injection moulding techniques, the Bavarian Tankard fits the bill perfectly. Great for traditional beer and lager but also suited to cocktail style drinks too.

The Tankards are packed in boxes of 12 – we have plenty in stock ready to ship on your next order…

Raise your glass to colour!

BBP Marketing now has a full range of colourful 6.6oz Champagne Flutes made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. Available in Red, Silver, Gold, Black, White, and Royal Blue – not forgetting Clear and Frosted.
Perfect for those summer events where a brighter touch is required.

New additions to the elite coloured stemware range.

 BBP Marketing have new additions to our elite coloured stemware range; the 6.6oz Champagne Flute is now made in gold and silver.
They are available in cartons of 12 virtually unbreakable glasses with 144 cartons per pallet and are in stock and ready for dispatch.

Catalogue Design with Telescope Studios

BBP Marketing are currently in the process of designing a catalogue with Telescope Studios in Leeds. This will contain our full range of products including information on our manufacturing processes and some insight into the company.

New Red Range added!

A new Red Range of glasses has been added to our Elite virtually unbreakable drinkware products. The glasses are manufactured from polycarbonate and are dishwasher safe. 

The following sizes/styles are available while other sizes are being developed:

9oz Remedy – 36 glasses per carton
10oz Remedy – 36 glasses per carton
12oz Remedy – 36 glasses per carton
6.6oz Premium Flute – 12 glasses per carton
Printing available. Please get in touch to discuss your needs on +44 (0)1924 480 393 or

New Beach Scene Advertisement for 11oz Tristem Wine Range

With Summer approaching, BBP marketing have been working with photographers to create a beach scene advertisement for our 11oz Tristem Wine Range which was released just over a year ago.
Tristem glasses are manufactured from polycarbonate. The unique design allows them to be very stable on uneven surfaces such as grass or sand.
The following colours are available, each with 12 glasses per carton
Tristem 11oz Wine Black
Tristem 11oz Wine White

Tristem 11oz Wine Clear


Introducing our new Frosted Range

 A new range of Frosted glasses has been added to our Elite virtually unbreakable drinkware products. The new frosted finish on the glassware is well suited to events where a more subtle and understated approach is required.
The glasses are manufactured from polycarbonate and are dishwasher safe.
The following sizes/styles are available while other sizes are being developed:
10oz HiBall – 48 glasses per carton
9oz Remedy – 36 glasses Per carton
10oz Remedy – 36 glasses Per carton
12oz Remedy – 36 glasses Per carton
6.6 oz Premium Flute – 12 glasses per carton
9oz Wine – 12 glasses per carton
All in stock and ready for immediate dispatch with optional next day delivery.
Printing, nucleation and lasering are all available. Please get in touch to discuss your needs on +44 (0)1924 480 393 or visit our website

Hello and Happy New Year to all our customers.

Our new Frosted range adds extra interest to the drinks you serve.
It comes in a variety of options including:
The 10oz Hi ball in cartons of 48 glasses.
The Remedy 9oz Rocks in cartons of 36 glasses.
The Remedy 10oz Hi ball in cartons of 36 glasses.
The Remedy 12oz Tall in cartons of 36 glasses.
The Premium 6.6oz flute in cartons of 12 glasses.
All are made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and are printable. Call or take a look at our website for more details.


The new Goblet group from BBP Marketing

Back by popular demand, the Goblet. This time there are three sizes, in a new and improved design.
10oz, 15oz and 20oz, all made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. The elegant stemmed design is well suited to beer and cocktails.

The 10oz Goblet come in cartons of 18 glasses.              
The 15oz Goblet come in cartons of 12 glasses.
The 20oz Goblet come in cartons of 12 glasses.

Printed and laser designs available – call for more information.
In stock now and ready to order for next day delivery!

New Machines for a New Year!

BBP Marketing are proud to announce the addition of Ferromatik Milacron’s latest Elektron injection moulding range to our production line. A batch of new machines including robots arrived earlier this year and is now in full production, producing new product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Acquiring these new machines has allowed us to manufacture more efficiently and to a higher standard, whilst increasing capacity to launch new ranges.

11oz Tristem Wine Glass

The new 11oz Wine Glass has a unique tripod frame that offers an unusual level of support for the wine cup. The positioning of the three legs away from the vertical center enables the Tristem better stability for uneven surfaces and better ability to resist lateral forces. Perfect for outdoor use where glass is not considered safe. The legs easily push into grass and sand to keep the wine safe in the bowl! Made in virgin food grade, super-strong polycarbonate here in the factory.

The 11oz tristem is virtually unbreakable and will be available in 5 versions:
• 144-1CL NS - plain not stamped
• 144-1CL CE - lined and CE @ 250ml
• 144-1CE ALL - lined and CE at 125/175/250 ml
• 144-1BL NS - in black
• 144-1WH NS - in white

The new 4 Pint In2stax Jug with lid...

BBP Marketing introduces the new 4 pint In2stax Jug.
Exclusively made from polycarbonate and available to order with or without a lid.
The intelligent stacking design allows for better use of bar space as well as more efficient clearing up. The sky really is the limit as to how many jugs you can stack inside each other.
The lid is a great way to cover up the jug contents as well as provide a stable platform for an additional jug when carrying from the bar.
CE marking is available at 4, 3, and 2 pints to line.
Branding and logo printing can also be implemented upon request.

The new Two Pint Tulip...

We are proud to announce the arrival of our hotly anticipated Two Pint Tulip.
Available in both Polycarbonate and Polystyrene.

Why is it beneficial to have a Two Pint Tulip to hold your drink?
If you’re the customer, you don’t have to visit the bar as much, meaning you won’t miss any of the big game or important catch up time with friends.
If you’re behind the bar, there’s less chance of a big queue forming, reducing the need to rush, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.
The Two Pint Tulip is also a great for sharing cocktails.

In stock now and ready to go!

New 25ml Black Shot

We have another addition to the Black & White range in the form of a 25ml Shot in Black.
The first batch is fresh off the production line and ready for dispatch.
Injection moulded from polystyrene, these chic shot glasses come in cases of 100.
Perfect for outdoor events this summer, and to smarten up your bar space.

The Regal Range

Looking for that bit of majesty to add to your bar?
Look no further. BBP Marketing now has the answer for you in our new Regal range.

Manufactured from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate that is safer than glass. Available in two sizes; pint, or two thirds of a pint. There’s even the option of CE marking if you so wish.

The pint is perfect for those beverages with a big, frothy, continental head.
The two thirds of a pint suits the more sophisticated and refined long drink.
Make no mistake; the Regal is a slightly alternative glass that provides an air of elegance to any bar space.

Available now from BBP Marketing.

The new Bomber shot from BBP Marketing

The new Bomber shot from BBP Marketing.
Just as the summer is about to kick off with a bang, add The Bomber Shot to your range!
Manufactured from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, in stock now and ready to go.

Featuring a 25ml inner shot compartment and an 80ml outer mixer compartment.
Less mess than the conventional splash of dropping a shot glass into a tumbler.
The Bomber Shot is also easily stackable. This saves on bar space, and also makes for easier transportation of full glasses to customers and empty glasses back to the bar.

Now is the perfect time to stock these, just before the party season really begins to get going!

New to Black and White

We have new additions to our Black and White range.
Champagne Flutes, 11oz Wine and the equally chic Coffee Cups....

Whether it be a café, club or bar, having the full range of Black and White on your shelves will provide a retro-modern feel that stands out from the norm.
The Flutes and 11oz Wine both come in cases of 12, and the Coffee cups come in 18’s.

With spring drawing upon us, it’s a great time to freshen up your drinkware.

Black and White 9oz + 12oz Remedy

Customers bored with clear options?
We have the Remedy!
Want something bang on trend?
Bang away; virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.
Now available in new colours Black and White
Remedy 9oz Rocks and Remedy 12oz Tall in stock now…….

Up to the minute club chic and ideal for a wide range of uses.
Available in the two most popular sizes 9 & 12oz – both 36 per case.
The dense block colours look fantastic in a late night venue they’re unusual and add a little mystery.
Great for themed nights and to use for VIP sectioned areas.
Block colours cleverly help to disguise any blemishes caused during their extremely long life span too.