Capacity Mark

Capacity Mark

Our UKCA marked glasses are suitable for use in licensed establishments, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes where it is required by law to ensure you are serving the correctly measured amount of certain types of alcohol.
The UKCA measurement mark can be to the brim or a line marked on the vessel. It was previously known as government stamped (GS) or crown stamped glassware prior to 2006

As seen in the far left image, the below-line measure is clearly marked on the side of the vessel along with the measurement in numbers or figures and UKCA text so that it can be used as a legal measure when pouring.
The M12 box at the side states the year in which the UKCA mark was applied to the glass.
The 0126 number is the registration number for National Measurements Office – the official government body who verify our UKCA marking.

Glasses used as brim measures can have the UKCA marking on either the side or the base of the glass and apart from the line, it should have all the same information as the above.
The image on the far right shows the UKCA marking of a brim measure in the base (underside) of the glass.

You need UKCA marked glasses when selling alcohol if using the glass to measure the amount to serve.
You do not need UKCA marked glasses if you are serving alcohol free of charge, using the products at home, or using an alternative measurement unit that has been legally verified in the same way as previously explained.

Other acceptable measuring devices such as UKCA marked optics and jiggers are sometimes used.